The Kissoon Group of Companies is a distinct and prestigious conglomerate with a long history of operations in Guyana. This Group is a foremost example of astute business diversification, foresight and long-term strategic planning. The Group also encompasses corporate activities which embraces several developmental projects in various sectors of the Guyanese economy.
The Kissoon Group of Companies comprises of the following:
- A.H.&L. Kissoon Limited
- Modern Industries Limited
- Abary Cattle Ranch Company Limited
- The Park Hotel
- Unisoon Construction Limited
- Polykiss Inc.

A.H.&L. Kissoon Limited

A.H. & L. KISSOON LIMITED, a 54 year organization whose main objective has been the distribution of quality merchandise at unbeatable prices.

For the past 30 years, KISSOON has been the fore-front of furniture manufacturing.

The Company over the years has acquired its own Forest, Saw Milling Complex, comprehensive Solar and humidifier dryers, lumber yard, machine shop, complete furniture manufacturing facilities, Mattress Plant, Foam Plant with the latest technology in the Caribbean, Polyester Plant, Table Lamp Plant, Metal Plant and a layout of over 200,000 sq. ft. of furniture manufacturing and showroom space.

Our corporate objectives are based in a vertical integration process allowing us proper control of all manufacturing steps – from raw material to finished products, thereby assuring its quality, environmental protection and social benefit for all Guyanese and further a field.

Our years of experience, permanent technology, and manufacturing process upgrade policy, which allows us to obtain high quality, exclusive designs and innovative ideas to satisfy our customers at home and at the office, with pleasant environments and comfort.

In addition to our manufacturing process, we are deeply committed to the integral process and as such, our home furnishing and home building departments are equipped to enhance the organization to furnish a home complete. Furniture, draperies, carpets, linens, lamps and other minor decors.

With this vastness of integration, we have created a subject “DIRECT BUY,” where all process that took place in manufacturing, acquiring, distribution, finance, etc are consumed in ONE, yes ONE profit only where nobody beat our prices and quality or try to follow.

Action speaks for itself. Visit us at
Furniture Land, Industrial Estate and be convinced


The Park Hotel

The Park Hotel once ranked among the top seven hotels in Guyana. It was destroyed on May 06, 2000 by fire. Because of the prime location of this site, we are seeking foreign investors to rebuild this hotel which was more than a century old. The Government of Guyana has assured us of many concessions to get this project started. A copy of this letter can be presented on request.

Modern Industries Limited

Modern Industries Limited comprise three separate and distinct operations, but complementary in some ways to each other. These are a furniture factory, a foam plant, and a metal plant. The furniture factory was established in the early 1960’s and has since continued to operate as one of the largest furniture manufacturing outfits in Guyana and the Caribbean. The factory has the installed capacity to produce wooden, upholstered and metal furniture. The foam plant manufactures polyurethane high density foam. Some of this foam is used in the furniture plant for making upholstered goods, mattresses, pillows, cushions, and other soft furnishings. The remaining portion is sold to other merchants and manufacturers.

This plant has sufficient installed capacity to adequately meet the needs of Guyana and also a significant proportion of the Caribbean. The metal plant operates in conjunction with the furniture factory in the production of office and outdoor furniture, beds and cots, restaurant and auditorium seating. This entire operation presently provides employment for approximately two hundred and fifty men and women. It has been Management’s policy over the years to keep abreast with the latest technology, hence we have major plans to upgrade the machinery and tools.

Unisoon Construction Limited

Unisoon Construction Limited specializes in major civil and construction, with emphasis on low and middle income home construction in conjunction with the Ministry of Housing. Over the years, we have performed many major civil works such as road construction, drainage and irrigation works, and bridges. Currently, we are engaged in a development project comprising of seventy two homes Good Hope Gardens; which is located about twelve miles from Georgetown on the East Coast of Demerara. At Good Hope Gardens, we utilize the latest building technology and modern materials. We at Unisoon Construction Limited, pride ourselves in offering our clients free design consultations and estimates. Our goal is to provide construction services at an affordable price while maintaining high standards.

Abary Cattle Ranch Company Limited

This Company comprises a ranch situated on the right bank of the Abary River and stretches towards the Berbice River to the east. It is located about twenty five miles inland of the Atlantic Ocean. It occupies an area of about fifteen thousand acres, and is engaged in cattle rearing, rice cultivation, and small homestead farming with workers actually living on the Ranch. The herd count at last round-up in February 2001, was in excess of four thousand, thus making it one of the largest cattle ranches on the Coast. The main objective is beef production, even though a small milking herd is maintained. Cattle is shipped to the Georgetown Municipal Abattoir throughout the year. In order to maintain an optimum herd and reduce the incidence of in-breeding, we follow strict breeding practices and record keeping. In addition to this, much emphasis is placed on improved pastures and rotational grazing. Since the ban was removed on foot and mouth disease earlier this year, we are currently improving the present facilities to meet export market standards.

Since eco- tourism is a growing industry in Guyana and the world, capitalizing on the natural beauty of the ranch, has resulted in the birth of Abary Tourist Resort Limited was formed.
Still in the embryonic stages, Abary Tourist Resort Limited plans to offer tourists a series of diverse activities. These include fishing and hunting (seasonal), horse-back riding, canoeing, bird watching, nature walks, swimming, or if you are game for it, a day out with the cowboys. This brainchild will commence operations soon.

Polykiss Inc.

Polykiss Inc. is a new polyester plant . It complements the foam plant – offering customers other forms of fillers for toys, construction, pillows and furniture manufacturing.


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